inspirationalMedia is the archived site for paintings by Gordon Bell. Current work may be viewed at gordonbellart.com.

inspirationalMedia.com is a site and blog about art and photography, as well as books, music and video. It focuses on traditional realistic and impressionist painting and on movements such as Orientalism. It is also about learning how to paint, and hopefully as I learn, I can pass along useful information to others who are also in the process of learning. inspirationalMedia is also about something else. Art is a wonderful thing, but it is no end in itself. Artist Juliette Aristides writes:

Artists help us see the surprising beauty that breaks into our daily lives by celebrating that which might otherwise pass by unnoticed. Artists are in a unique position to leave an intimate record of human life, as they give us the opportunity to see not only through their eyes but also through their thoughts and emotions. One could say that the greater the art, the more clearly we experience this communication of souls. Artists remind us that despite the pain and ugliness in the world, something deeper exists-a beauty that peeks through the drudgery of life, whispering that there is more just beneath the surface. We see a landscape filled with longing and loss or a figure filled with love and empathy. These images enable us to long and love with the creators.

Nature shows us one kind of beauty, such as the way the light falls through the tree canopy, speckling the forest floor where I now sit and write. Occasionally, an unusually insightful individual is able to capture this kind of beauty in art. This is why Mozart’s Requiem Mass still moves people to tears in packed orchestra halls or why people are willing to wait in line for hours to see an exhibition of works by Vermeer. Despite all appearances and talk to the contrary, we crave art that captures truth and remains powerfully and beautifully relevant long past the time of its creation. This sort of art is not just pretty or made up of the hollow aesthetic beauty that changes with the eye of the beholder. It is not sentimental, for sentiment is fleeting. The sort of art that lives eternally is that which captures astonishing, spine-chilling, breathtaking beauty that heightens our senses and floods us with transforming thought and emotion. In this work, we hear a whisper from another world saying, “It’s all real.” The ache to last means you were meant to last; the longing for beauty calls to you because beauty marks a reality that actually exists.

This blog aspires to be not merely about art. It seeks to explore the mystery of using art as a vehicle to draw attention to the glory beyond this world, to which all beauty in this world is a clue.

–G.S. Bell

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