Mastercopies and Originals Show in February

In February, I will have a small solo show at the Town of Chevy Chase, where we live. The mayor has a degree in fine art, and does a lot to promote the arts in our town.The two mastercopies are Monet’s The Bridge at Argenteuil and Sargent’s study, The Spanish Dancer. The originals include a tribute to honor WWII, Korean and other veterans entitled Freedom is Not Free, as well as a Sanibel Sketch, and a couple of still lifes. Instead of the usual glossy cards, I created a small signed edition of Sanibel Sketch for folks, with my information on the back. If you are in the area, check it out.

Recent Painting

mastercopy of Sargent’s Spanish Dancer Study

Finished Mastercopy of Monet’s The Bridge at Argenteuil

Mastecropy of The Bridge at Argenteuil

New mastercopy and small original works

I have just finished a new mastercopy of Monet’s The Bridge at Argenteuil. It will be available on August 29. Feel free to use the contact form or send  an email if  interested in this copy or in other available mastercopies or orignals.

mastercopy of The Bridge at Argenteuil by Monet

I have also put a few small seacapes and still lifes  on eBay.

Freedom is Not Free

Recently I was showing a visitor from Asia around Washington D.C. We saw the Cathedral, and then the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. As we walked about the Mall, we saw an World War II vet in a wheelchair being pushed by a fellow vet from the Korean Was. They inspired me to paint this picture as a tribute to those who serve America in the Armed Forces. A great many people have paid a great price to preserve the wonderful freedom we enjoy. This is my small tribute to them.

Freedom is Not Free

world war ii canvas prints and world war ii canvas art for sale
wounded warrior paintings for sale

Here is my latest mastercopy. It is of Monet’s Woman with a Parasol.

mastercopy of Woman with a Parasol